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[#38744] Written by: cloudwind [30/05/07, 19:28]
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great! thanks group remax and eztv!!!

cheers from canada!
[#38789] Written by: symbion [30/05/07, 22:38]
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thanks again, eztv and remax!

i'm so excited!
[#38810] Written by: illegalbrain [30/05/07, 23:46]
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cheers for this... any chance someone could regularly upload the "you're fired
episodes" though?
[#38855] Written by: ihlp123 [31/05/07, 05:29]
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i appreciate this, but it seems that the appr. uk torrent is always rediculously
slow. why is that?
[#39156] Written by: Dewey [02/06/07, 07:18]
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simon with that trampoline has got to best the best piece of tv i have ever

i was physically crying out of sheer uncontrollable laughter.
[#39296] Written by: rocketrod [03/06/07, 20:51]
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thanks for the spoiler, now i know that simon makes it to episode 10. please
think before talking about the shows on these forums. many people download these
shows and then watch the entire season at a later date (like myself). the
policy here is no spoilers. i usually look at the messages to verify that there
are no problems with the show. it is a minor spoiler, but please be considerate
of other people.
[#39444] Written by: AaronL [05/06/07, 01:09]
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i really think that "no spoilers" just means no spoilers about this current
episode. it's really hard to have any discussion about the show at all,
otherwise. if you saw episode 9, then you know that simon is still around in
episode 10.

i think if you're really that concerned about not knowing what's happened at all
on the show, then you shouldn't visit this section at all.

addendum: actually, it does say, very plainly in the "rules" section, that
there should be no spoilers of "any shows newer than 1 month." i was not aware
of that rule, and so now have been educated. i could just have easily have done
the same thing, not realizing this was the rule. i will definitely consider
this in the future before posting anything of the sort here.

thanks for the heads-up.
[#39445] Written by: AaronL [05/06/07, 01:13]
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ok -- my "spoiler-free" question -- was there not a new episode broadcast this
week? i've been waiting since sunday for the new ep to pop up here, and so far,
[#39446] Written by: yugioholsson [05/06/07, 01:20]
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yep looks like we have to look else where for the next ep. same on the lot
e05 that hasn't shown up to. i don't know why they put eps on this website
and not keep doing it??? i don't know i really like the apprentice i just wish
they would upload the eps
[#39530] Written by: rocketrod [05/06/07, 20:29]
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i thought that these boards were for discussion about the latest release as far
as quality, problems etc. if you want to talk about the content there are other
places for that. i always check to make sure that there are no problems with a
release that i have downloaded. i usually watch this show over the summer when
nothing is on, since it is a uk show, there are no news stories to spoil it
here. i just want to make sure that i didn't download a dud and not realize it
for 2 or 3 months and then not be able to find the episode.

as far as this weeks show, it usually seems to show up on wednesday, i don't
know why but i would expect it tomorrow.

as far as on the lot, i don't think episode 5 aired until tonight, i guess they
have now cut this back to once per week. i have a feeling the show is not going
to last too long.
[#84012] Written by: kristofer [15/03/08, 15:06]
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this torrent no longer works. all the others for season 3 do... can someone
find out what's wrong with this, or tell me where i can find a working copy? i
have everything but the 10th eppy.
[email protected] if you know where to get it, or just reply here. thanks!!!
[#84116] Written by: kristofer [16/03/08, 17:50]
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i totally need this. please, someone!
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